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Heavy stains may be set in your carpet and you thought they would never come out. That’s why we only employ exclusive truck-mounted machinery and specialized chemicals to clean your carpets. It works wonders! 


The process is simple yet effective. First, we do a thorough cleaning job using safe but strong chemicals with a pleasant scent, with added focus on the corners and niches. Then, we run a carpet wand over the carpets containing water heated to 230 degrees and deep pressure. When stubborn stains still remain, such as those produced by gum, blood and ink which tend to become absorbed to the carpet, we remove them with additional chemicals. In fact, we guarantee to get them out. The water gets sucked during the cleaning, allowing for a quick drying process. Drying time typically takes 6-8 hours! 


Our meticulous work gets the job done effectively. Sink your toes into the fresh, plush carpet and enjoy the immaculate look! 


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