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Experience our restorative touch…


Did your washing machine or toilet overflow? Did water seep in from a rainstorm? Don’t wait! Mold tends to grow twenty-four hours after the damage is done. There is much you can do to save your home, and it starts with getting Turbo Clean to come down immediately.


With our powerful truck-mounted machines (that are incomparably stronger than Wet Vacs,) we suck out a large percentage of the water. Then, we strategically place commercial dehumidifiers and fans to dry out the remaining moisture. Our incredible air meters accurately indicate the temperature and moisture levels in the room. We clean any water that seeped into the carpet. We also use disinfectants and repeat the work to ensure a complete carpet cleaning. 


We understand that you want your home back in order. That is why we offer to glue peeling carpets and to measure the moisture trapped in the walls. If the walls are affected, we cut out the walls in that area and then restore them.


It’s all about taking the head-ache off your shoulders! We bill the insurance directly for the clean-up, and we deal with the insurance public adjustors. 


Though water damage may, at first, appear to be a disaster, you will quickly experience a feeling of calm as Turbo Clean steps in and takes over.


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